Join us in Wrocław, Poland!

You’re invited to the 12th Meeting on Visual and Physiological Optics which will be hosted between the 28th and 30th of August at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology.


Invited Speakers

Every two years the VPO Meeting features exciting keynote talks as the Organizing Committee aims to invite both experienced and upcoming speakers. This year is special as VPO is returning to Wrocław – the city which gave birth to the very first VPO and we are honored to present the following keynotes:

Michael Bach (Eye Center, University of Freiburg, Germany)

“Celebrating 39 Years of the Freiburg Vision Test (FrACT) – New Developments” (lecture delivered remotely)

Robert Iskander (Wrocław University of Science and Technology)

"Celebrating 25 years of VPO in Wrocław - a "deformable" mirror approach to showcasing the achievements in vision science and technology at WUST"

Bernhard Baumann (Medical University of Vienna, Austria)

"Advancing Contrast for OCT Imaging"

Len Zheleznyak (Center for Visual Science at the University of Rochester)

"Polychromatic image quality across the visual field, its implications for eye growth, and manipulation with diffractive laser-treated contact lenses for myopia control"

Kehao Wang (School of Engineering Medicine, Beihang University)

"Biomechanics of the human eye lens and its functional interactions with surrounding ocular structures"

Henryk Kasprzak (Wrocław University of Science and Technology)

Professor Kasprzak is the original founder of the VPO Meeting and will deliver this year's welcome.

Topics focused on visual and physiological optics

The VPO meetings are special because they bring together researchers, clinicians and other professionals working in the combined field of “visual and physiological optics”, such as vision science, optometry, ophthalmology, biomedical engineering, ocular physiology, and others.

Technology and eye models

  • Cutting-edge VPO technologies
  • Innovative eye diagnostics
  • Subjective and objective retinal image quality
  • Modern procedures of vision correction
  • AI applied to vision science
  • Wavefronts and aberrations

Vision science & ocular physiology

  • Retina and subretinal layers
  • Tear film and cornea
  • Ocular biomechanics
  • Crystalline and intraocular lens
  • Anterior segment imaging
  • Contact lenses
Poster session at VPO14.

Submit your abstract

You are invited to submit short papers of up to 3 pages (including figures and references) on one or more of the Topics to be presented in one of the formats: talk, poster or show & tell. The selection of the best papers will be carried out by the VPO24 Scientific Committee.

Submission deadline is past, late submissions are allowed*.
Planned visit to Książ Castle

Register to attend

  • All registrations include coffee breaks, bag and gift, and sightseeing trips.
  • Regular (incl. banquet) – 500 EUR, early bird – 400 EUR.
  • Student (incl. banquet) – 400 EUR, early bird – 300 EUR.
  • Student (w/o banquet) – 300 EUR, early bird – 200 EUR.
  • Visit to the Książ Castle – TBD.
  • Travel grants and best presentation awards will be available.

Sponsors and partners

The Organizing Committee would like to express our thanks to the following groups and organizations for their support: